colour from the dark
Debbie Rochon as Lucia
Debbie Rochon as Lucia
Michael Segal as Pietro
Michael Segal as Pietro
Matteo Tosi as Don Mario
Matteo Tosi as Don Mario poster poster

"Colour From the Dark is by far the best Lovecraft adaptation I’ve seen, with genuinely terrifying imagery... and a well rounded, brilliant cast" -

"Spooky Scottish lady Marysia Kay plays Alice with exactly the brooding intensity that the mostly wordless part requires." - MJ Simpson

"Hellava Movie! ... Colour from the Dark delivers the goods. Eerie, haunting, nightmarish" -

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DVD releases: Germany (Sept 2009), France (2009).
TV screenings: Russia (2009).
Other screenings: World Premier (New York, Oct 2008), Turin Film Festival (Italy, Oct 2008), UK Premier (London, Jan 2009), Messina Film Festival (Italy, Apr 2009), Bram Stoker Film Festival (UK, Oct 2009).

Starring Debbie Rochon (Night of the Living Dead), Michael Segal, Marysia Kay (Forest of the Damned, When Evil Calls), Emmett J Scanlan (The Phone, The Clinic) and Eleanor James (Hellbride).

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Previous films by Ivan Zuccon include The Shunned House, Bad Brains, Nympha, Unknown Beyond and The Darkness Beyond.

"The movie is based on a book by the American writer HP Lovecraft who died in 1937 and has influenced the works of many modern day horror novelists including Stephen King. Like all of Zuccon's productions, it will be shot in English and subtitled into various languages before being distributed worldwide."

Marysia Kay as Alice
Marysia Kay as Alice
Eleanor James as Anna
Eleanor James as Anna
Gerry Shanahan as Giovanni
Gerry Shanahan as Giovanni
Emmett J Scanlan as Luigi
Emmett J Scanlan as Luigi
Alessandra Guerzoni as Teresa
Alessandra Guerzoni as Teresa

"My COLOUR FROM THE DARK takes place in Italy, in the 1940s, with WWII raging," Zuccon tells Fango. "Pietro and Lucia live on an isolated farm with Alice, Lucia's younger sister.... Poor farmers, they live tilling the soil. Pietro is a good worker and a strong man who, unlike his three brothers, is not at war because of a deformed knee. Lucia is a beautiful and reserved woman dedicated to her family. Their life is peaceful and good, in spite of the hard work. One day, while drawing water from the well, Pietro and Alice accidentally free something from Earth's womb. A strange and alien color flashes underwater, at the well's bottom, then disappears. From that moment on, inexplicable events start happening all around the farm, and by night the surrounding vegetation glitters with a sinister glow. The color soon takes hold of the whole farm, and dwelling inside Pietro and his family's minds, it brings them into its sick world of pain, blood and death."

COLOUR FROM THE DARK is a co-production between Zuccon's Italian Studio Interzona company and Canadian producers David Bond and Jeff Thomas from Exofest. "We have a better budget than SHUNNED HOUSE," says Zuccon, who also helmed the two direct-to-video BEYOND films, "but we will shoot again in DigiBeta. But the Canadian guys have a connection with a Hollywood-based company and will transfer the movie to 35mm for a U.S. theatrical release." -Tony Timpone


From Behind the Couch Review (July 2009)
"Zuccon easily sets his viewers on edge and creates an uneasy malaise that practically wafts from the screen. The distorted and warped atmosphere established at the beginning of the film in the haunting dream sequence, doesn’t let up throughout the increasingly grisly events. Impressive too is that the tone and look of the film were established so well with such a low budget."

Horror Fanatics Review (May 2009)
"I went into this film expecting to enjoy it as I did Zuccon’s previous work. I was not expecting however, to be completely blown away. Colour From the Dark is by far the best Lovecraft adaptation I’ve seen, with genuinely terrifying imagery, beautiful attention to detail, and a well rounded, brilliant cast"

E-Asylum interviews with Ivan Zuccon, Debbie Rochon and Michael/Matteo/Alessandra.

Review on (8th Nov 2008)
"I have been able to watch Ivan grow and develop as a director since his feature debut, The Darkness Beyond. I think he gets better with every film. I think this may be his best yet." ... "Colour from the Dark is the first actual, feature-length adaptation of a single Lovecraft tale which Ivan has filmed. And it’s magnificent."

Fangoria Interview with Ivan Zuccon (3rd Sep 2007)
Fangoria Trailer Release article (20th Nov 2007) review

18th Nov 2007, - "Our resident Cthulhu worshipper D.W. Bostaph threw me a heads up that the film’s trailer is online, and I gotta say it’s pretty slick for a low-budget indie shot in Italy. Debbie Rochon stars as a dedicated framer’s wife who becomes a raging monstrosity after something is unleashed from the Earth’s womb via their well. It’s interesting because it’s a period movie (set in the 1940’s), though I wonder how much that will come into play in the final film." - Johnny Butane (Italian)
Horror (Italian)

13th June 2007 (
Ivan Zuccon's Colour from the Dark - at last!
Ivan Zuccon has dropped me a line to say that he starts production on his long-awaited feature Colour from the Dark on 2nd July. The film is based on Lovecraft’s The Colour Out of Space which was previously adapted (somewhat loosely) as Die, Monster, Die! in the 1960s and The Curse in the 1980s. Ivan originally planned to shoot this script before Bad Brains and then again before NyMpha and in fact it was announced at one point with Tiffany Shepis and Emmanuel Cerman in the lead roles. The confirmed cast is now led by Zuccon regular Michael Segal (The Darkness Beyond, Unknown Beyond, The Shunned House, NyMpha) as Pietro and Debbie Rochon (Dr Horror’s Erotic House of Idiots, Witchouse 3 etc) as Lucia. Also in the cast are Marysia Kay (Forest of the Damned, The Ouija Board, When Evil Calls) as Alice, Gerry Shanahan (who was in an Irish/Mexican co-production called Paranoia) as Giovanni ... Emmett J Scanlan as Luigi...

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