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If it's a non-business related enquiry I probably won't reply. This doesn't mean you shouldn't write to me, I just don't want to get your hopes up. I am useless at replying to emails unless they reference a specific question such as "Dear flatmate, where have you hidden the ketchup?" or "Do you want to be in my film?"

I am more than happy to receive other emails and I will definitely read them and it is entirely possible I may even leave them sitting in my inbox in a variety of colours with the thought that I will get around to replying to that. But let's face it, I most likely won't. My inbox is littered with multicoloured tagged messages from months back that I meant to reply to. And I never phone my Mum.

I occasionally get requests for signed photos by email. I don't send out free photos in response to emailed requests, sorry. But if you want a signed something you can paypal me to cover post and printing.